Online Kuji-In Courses
Beginner/Advanced Level $249
Course Duration 5 Months

Course Books: Qigong and Kuji-In
Advanced Kuji-In
Master Level $299
Course Duration 6 Months

Course Book: Kuji-In Mastery

Courses consist of 30 minutes of weekly guidance by skype or e-mail.
Course books not included—please visit the Shop page for hard copy or e-book format.

The Transformational Approach











Kuji-In is an ancient ritual meditation process used today by martial artists, holistic healers, spiritual seekers, and anyone looking for greater awareness and concentration. It makes us available to the development of body, mind and spirit. It enhances the nervous system, endocrine system, energy channels of the body, quickness of body and mind, and opens the doors on great spiritual depth. Kuji-in practice involves a combination of the following tools to focus attention:
  • Mudra—a hand gesture or position that brings into effect the flow of energies that start or terminate at the fingertips
  • Mantra—a sound, which can take the form of either a short word or a more complex prayer.
  • Focus point—here we focus on the chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning “constantly turning”), the energy gates of the body
  • Mandala—an image that is visualized in order to engage the mind in active participation with an energy work or spiritual process.
  • Philosophical concept

Most students (including myself) are first exposed to kuji-in through their training or interest in the martial arts—about the supernatural martial powers that could be theirs after much time spent with the meditation. Some of these students just know somehow that there is so much more to Kuji-in, something deeply spiritual. And so you found this on-line temple, ready to begin using this mystical ritual technique as a tool of self transformation and revelation.

But the martial powers, as well as enhanced holistic healing powers, will naturally rise up in you anyway, as a side effect of the spiritual evolution.

Sincere and continued practice contemplating higher philosophy will eventually turn human beings into supernatural beings. It will call from within the power of our Spirit so it can project itself outwardly in our physical experience, allowing us to manifest supernatural events and develop new perceptive abilities.