On-Line Five Elements Course $59

Includes 3 months of weekly guidance by skype or e-mail. Although not a strict requirement, it will be very helpful and also enjoyable to have a mala (108 bead prayer necklace) for this course. If you don’t already have one, they are available on the Shop page.

This course will guide you in charging the spiritual five elements in your soul using mantras, allowing the consciousness of them to rise up in you. Charging the five elements will awaken every aspect of your spirituality. It will give a biological wisdom to your body. It will open spiritual doors, release blockages, and purify your energies.

You will also learn how to use the five elements to heal others, by touch or transmigration.

The Spiritual Five Elements

The elements here are the spiritual elements of creation, rather than the physical elements we are used to. They are primordial in nature, the potential for creation, the consciousness from which matter is yet to be created.

The mantras call forth the assistance of Divine concepts that are the representation of the highest forces acting in the universe.

The five elements are an important part of teaching your mind, heart and body to interact with nature and go beyond its illusionary limitations. Nature was created with the spiritual concepts of the five elements. It is still operated by the elemental forces.



Earth generates life, it supports electro-magnetic fields, and is the base of mental health.


Fire purifies, it transforms and elevates, it radiates, and is ever-changing.


Heaven elevates consciousness and opens you more to the action of God in your life.


Water represents the womb of the universe—it supports all life, it soothes and cares for us; it is flowing movement.


Air supports vibration, where all information and perception reside.